Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Keep Moving

Yesterday evening I started my journey to be a better parent to my child. To scold less and love more... As I made the declaration for yelling less and headed home.. I was full of positivity and hope.
When I reached home S had gone for a friend's birthday party.. Could not wait for her to come back and give me a hug!
She was super excited about the fitbit like watch that she got in return!
Then came the tough part.. Meal time. As I mentioned  in my previous post.. We both have started eating without screen sitting down on a mat... So I asked s to lay the mat out.. I asked and asked.. Then had to raise a little voice.. Reminding myself not to yell!
There were different triggers like I have to always remind her to drink water.  It was not a yelling free evening. But I was aware and conscious. Totally appreciative of the people who can pull it off.. Hats off to them.. Coz it is no easy thing. Requires lot of patience and creativity. Creativity in the tactics of getting things done without yelling.
Thinking that my day one will be tomorrow :)

So the morning started with a grumpy kiddo... Complaining headache... Teeth ache... Stomach ache...!
But patient I was.. After all I have to take care of my sick baby.
With almost every one falling sick at home.. We are just treading right now...
Then it happened.. I gave S a small piece of apple to eat. She rarely eats fruits, am trying forcing her to atleast try little bit. So after around 20 minutes she ate only 2 bites out of it. I felt angry, sad, shouted a little and then moved on. Will have to keep trying to make her eat fruits.
I think kids are great in teaching us patience by practicing it!

And then it happened again! Came back from the doctor's after 3 hours. S was hungry. So gave her some khichdi in a bowl. But she was too excited with her new diary that I just got her.. Since she wanted one like me... And there.. Dropped her bowl!! She immediately covered her ears scared that I would reprimand her! Well I didn't exactly shout at her.. But mumbled in frustration! Sigh!

It was a OK day overall. Have to be bit more consistent about not yelling aka shouting

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  1. Don't worry, everything will settle down slowly. My daughter used to have breakfast for 45 min and dinner for 1.5 hrs with or without TV but I don't remember yelling at her ever for food. Although I have yelled many times at other things. Even in school lunch I wasn't sure how she managed because teachers insisted on finishing everything. She started eating by herself in school at the age of 3.5 years. We might have switched away from TV when she might be 7-8 years old. We just use to chat and ask about friends. That talking again slowed her eating but she wasn't atleast getting bored. I think you can try your restriction gradually. Reduce the phone/tv time by giving only when 60% food is finished, then reduce by number of days and then to weekends only. Sudden restriction doesn't usually work with kids. Sorry about the big comment, just felt like sharing my parenting experience.


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