Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hi there!

Hi people, did you all miss us?? hope you did coz we did too. I am back to work after a looong leave (spending the most cherished time of my life with my little one). Moved to Sydney from Melbourne. So now you know what kept me away from blogging, but I did try to catch up with all the updates happening around and did try to visit most of my awesome friends in this blog land.

This layout features my daughter in her crawling stage. She was so fast when crawling, she would be at one place a second ago and in another room the other second. She loved all the nooks and corners of the house and enjoyed playing with the wires.
Used lot of 3-D animal stickers. I found them very cute and with similar expressions as my daughter. :)
The top right photo is her under the chair! The bottom left photo is her looking at an insect from the big glass window. I went out of the house and took her picture from there.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you like my layout.

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