Wednesday, January 28, 2015

T for Tortoise

Hi friends
Sharing our cute little tortoise made with paper plate and green paper. We cut out the tortoise and below and stuck it. Later little miss painted the shell with finger paint! all done. Enjoy our conversation after our Mr Tortoise was ready to rock :)

We were making a paper plate tortoise. 
After finishing, missy and tortoise had a lovely converstion..wish i would have recorded it! Missy was spaking such fluently and with full accent! Proud of you babu..way to go! Here is a excerpt of the converstion, nothing exaggerated  here :)
Saachi: Hello tortoise, how are you today?
Tortoise: I am very well Saachi, how are you today?
Saachi: I am fine. Where do you live?
Tortoise:I live in a pond.
Saachi: Is it?
Tortoise: yeh, and where do you live Saachi?
Saachi: Here. (in my home, i said)
Saachi: Where are your parents?
Tortoise: They live with me here in the pond, and where are your parents?
Saachi:I dont have parents. (opps, I explained her mummy papa are called parents)
Tortoise: Where is your dad?
Saachi: He is in office.
Tortoise: and where is your mom.
Saachi : She is here.
Tortoise: And do you love your mom and dad?
Saachi: Yes I lov-e them.....
Tortoise: Which is your favourite song?
Saachi: A, B, C D..
Tortoise: Is it, I thouht you like "Guess how much I love you " :). It was nice talking to you saachi, now its time for me to go.
Saachi: Ok Tortoise, I loved talking to you. Take care. Talk to you later. Bye.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Remember this day..

Hi friends..wish you a very happy Indian Republic day and Australia day!

Sharing a layout that I made with DH and my photo. This was a lovely day in Queenstown, New Zealand. It was a beautiful time spent with family there, trying to preserve the lovely memories with this layout. 

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

DIY flower pot from table salt jar | Easy kids craft

200th post! wow, feels like just yesterday that I started blogging to preserve some of my crafts that I created before marriage. 

Keeping this post short and simple, let me share the flower pot that little missy and me made using table salt jar.We punched some colored tissue paper flowers. Modge podged them to the jar for the background. Embellished with foam butterflies and flowers. Some washi tape for the rim. Simple :)

Do let us know how you liked it.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Letter of the week - F

Hi Friends

Planning to post a letter of the week activity that I do with my daughter. Little miss and me do a lot of crafting and reading together. You can see all our crafts in the Kids craft section in my blog here.
Little miss loves to paint, be it with brush, her hands or any other instrument. She is not that happy using pencil or color pencils or crayons for that matter.
So I thought why not structure our creations under letter of the week banner and make her write using different things like white board markers, chalk, fingers, tablet (oops) etc. I am happy if she doodles or draws anything, just trying to make her get interested in writing in general.  
 We started letter of the week with full enthusiasm in nov 2014, but then mine got faded, and now a days I am hardly doing much craft/activity with her. To bring back the passion, I want to make a commitment of posting our letter of the week activities every alternate week if not once a week. (You see this is one of the benefits of blogging: to make a public commitment for an activity, then the chances are that you will try to fulfil it. No pressure as such, but it feels good. And I get to do some more fun activities with my daughter too, which otherwise I would postpone due to laziness J. Two birds at one shot..haha )
This will be a motivation as well as driving factor for me to do this activity as well as spend quality time with little miss.
I already see her interested in spellings.  She loves reading books with me, and recently when I brought her favourite Peppa pig story book from library, she was trying to read the letter P-e-p-p-a P-i-g J

Join us in our journey dear friends, your comments and feedback means a lot to us..

F for feather

F for fish

F for flower

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Giveaway for you!!

Hi Peeps..
As I near the completion of 4 years of blogging, I want to thank you for being such a wonderful company to my blogging journey. 
Blogging has given me joy, immense joy. I make new friends almost every day. I read new blog posts which give a different perspective to life in general and inspire me to do more craft and cook better.I get to share stories and take notice of those moments which otherwise would be lost in oblivion. I want to know my own story many years down the line. How my thoughts were shaped, what I did and why I made certain choices. The lovely moments that I share with my little girl, her chirpings, her astonishments! Someday when she wold read the blog posts, they would tell her the story of her childhood.
Blogging has helped me to reflect on bits and pieces of my every day life. 
All you dear friends have been the back bone of this blogging journey of mine, supporting me, complimenting me, guiding me and always being there.
As a small gesture to thank you, I am bringing my first giveaway. This would interest my crafty friends, but all are welcome to participate. Will surely plan a giveaway for the culinary side of my blog soon :)

Few simple rules:
1. Follow My blog( Google friend connect)
2. Share This Giveaway on your Blog. (Post Mention or sidebar either)
3. Share this post on Fb.
4. Comment here after completing the above steps.

The Giveaway consists of:
1 8*8 stencil from urban artist
Music notes clear stamp
Handmade paper pieces
Artist tiles
Handmade flowers
Washi tape
Tickets and house paper clip.
Would be adding more bits and pieces as the word spreads about this

I would be shipping internationally. 
The Giveaway will close on 14 April 2015 (when I complete 4 years!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tilkut Ladoo| Til Gud Ladoo | Sesame and Jaggery balls

Meethe Gud me mil gaya Til,
Udi Patang aur khil gaye Dil,
Jeevan me bani rahe Sukh aur Shanti,
Mubarak ho aapko Makar-Sankranti

"Makar Sankrati" or "Sankrat" is one of the major festivals in the state of Maharashtra and Rajasthan (It is also celebrated in other states with different names). The day is celebrated with some special Rajasthani delicacies and sweets such as pheeni (either with sweet milk or sugar syrup dipped), til-paati, gajak, kheer, ghevar, pakodi, puwa, and til-ladoo.
The ladies observe a kind of ritual in which they give any type of object (related to household, make-up or food) to 13 married women, we call it Terunda (13 things) . People give out many kind of small gifts such as til-gud (jaggery), fruits, dry khichadi, etc. to Brahmins or the needy ones. Kite flying is traditionally observed as a part of this festival. On this occasion the sky is filled with kites, and youngsters engage in kite contests trying to cut each other's strings.
Til Laddus are a traditional Marwadi/Maharastrian sweet made with Sesame seed, Jaggery and ghee. Served on various ocassions and festivals. This particular dessert is especially popular during winter months as sesame has heating properties. In Maharashta While exchanging til-gul as tokens of goodwill people greet each other with the words, "तिळगुळ घ्या आणि गोड गोड बोला/til-gul ghya, aani god god bola" meaning ‘Accept these tilguls and speak sweet words’. The underlying thought in the exchange of til-gul is to forget the past ill feelings and hostilities and resolve to speak sweetly and remain friends.

Here comes the recipe. I like this type of ladoo better than the one where jaggery is melted in wok and then ladoos are formed.

• 1 cup Til
• 1 cup Jaggery
• 2 tbsp Ghee

Dry roast til/sesame till it turns slightly pink.  Chop the jaggery into small pieces. Grind both ingredients once til is cooled.
Add ghee and bind into small ladoos or just enjoy the tilkul as is. Easy peasy J

Friday, January 9, 2015

Kids craft - Toilet Paper roll watch and some tidbits

Hi Peeps

Sharing this simple tp roll craft. Just cut the roll and stick the circle with numbers on it. Makes cute little watches for little ones to play and learn !

Recently we see little miss talking so fluently in English and that too with very good vocabulary and aussie accent too!

Some of her chirpings..

S: Mumma are you alright down there?
(Ofcourse sweety when you ask so sweetly :))

We went to the park in front of our house. While coming back little S wanted her friend didi P to come home. They both played very well. When did P was leaving with her parents, we asked miss S to say " Thanks for coming to my house didi". Instead she formed her own sentence and said
"Thank you for reading me book P didi!"
Wow proud of you to have our own thinking at this age sweetheart.

Little S: thats not funny!!!

Little s: silly me!

We were trying to convince little S to sleep on her own bed.
Me: Little S you should sleep on your small bed dear, It has beautiful pink bedsheet.
Little S: Then i will be nice and cozy mumma?
Me: yes ofcourse :)

Little S wants to be baby now. Cant call her good girl, it should be good baby. And somtimes baby boy!
Little S: girls for blue boys for pink!
and since she is a baby boy, she likes pink (So much of reasoning goes in that little mind!)

We were going to see christmas lights with her Didi P. That day i made little S wear black and white skirt and top (I got bored with all pink around)
But alas didi P wore pink dress that too dungree pattern which is little S's hot favourite!
Little S: Didi P wearing pink dungree dress! Why is mine not pink :((
She got so upset while in the car. Started begging to go back home so she could wear somthing pink!!
Never seen her compare her dress like this before ..bring it on girly :) 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Napkin fold card

Napkin fold card

Napkin fold card
 Hi Friends

Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year! hope you have a cherished year with our near and dear ones.
For the first post this year, I am sharing my first attempt at napkin fold card. Love how gorgeous and rich it has come out. Made this for friends anniversary. Very much loved by the couple :)

Used my few toy fiskers lace punch and some lovely blooms from my stash.

Do lemme know how you liked it. Stay blessed.

Napkin fold card

Napkin fold card 

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