Thursday, December 14, 2017

Exercising the Will Power Muscle!

Like any other muscle in our body, will power is also a muscle, which can be developed with exercise and practice. Once we are in the habit of using it and exercising it, we can use the muscle for other purposes, in other domains of our life too.

From 9 December 2017 till 9 January 2018 I am going to do stretching and Sudarshan Kriya daily. (As a side thought, if I miss the kriya on a day, the target shifts by 2 days. So like I could not do it yesterday, so now I will be doing this exercise till 11th Jan 2018)
Start Date:  9th Dec 2017
End Date: 11th Jan 2018
Affirmation: I do Yoga and Pranayam daily. It makes me "Andar se strong!" Sudarshan Kriya followed by Sahaj Samadhi cleanses my system and removes any toxins.

Making this declaration public will help me keep a track of it and I will love to share my success with you all my friends :)

Sunday, December 10, 2017


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