Sunday, March 23, 2014

Newspaper Punch Craft Collage

Hi dear have you all been? 
Sharing with you today a very simple craft which I did with my little one. It requires very simple supplies, which we all have at home. 
We drew a tree roughly on a white A4 sheet. Punched some small scallop circles from newspaper (the green prints), and decorated our tree. You can handcut any shape randomly, I wanted to use my new punch hence the scallop circles ;) The stalk is painted with water colors and highlighted with sketch pens. 
Simple isnt it? and it gives so much fun to the little ones.. to apply glue or stick the pieces!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Toddler fun - Handprint tree

Recently had a lovely crafty day with my daughter..Made little S to get messy with paint all over her palms and feet!
Yep you got it right!, it was little S's hand and foot painting day!
I wanted to do this to put in her on going baby book..but could not gather the courage for all the mess it may cause. the baby book is supposed to have the hand and foot prints of the baby..but my little toddler is no less than that..atleast i have the prints now :)

Little S does not like to get dirty (although she can play with water for the whole little mermaid!)
It took little cajoling and convincing on my and her aruna aunty's part for this activity. We applied the different paints on her hands and foot and made her stamp it on different colored was fun to watch her expressions! Later she gave in and stared enjoying the mess! but not for long !!! lol

I cut out the hand prints and stuck in her baby book, made the tree base and some heart flowers. Do lemme know how you liked it. Have you tried doing this with your children? I would recommend to do it soon..I wish I had the prints of her tiny hands and feet when she was a baby...well its never too late ;)

Sending this to Artsy Craftsy Mom  - Kid friendly Recycled craft

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Origami doll dress

Cute isnt it? Its a very simple origami dress, which will fascinate any little girl and you can engage kids in the art of paper folding for hours!
Made this cutie dress in an attempt to keep my daughter busy and make her to eat something! Yes lot of bribing goes in the process! Adorned the dress with some quilled and satin ribbon roses. Love the result. 

Sending this to:

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello Sunshine!

Too many photos?? i dont think so..I can never have enough of them! In my layouts i try to incorporate as many photos as possible..reason being - if I am making a layout capturing a particular moment/event, its for sure i wont make more layouts for the same event. Then all the wonderful pictures which complete my story will not be part of the baby book/scrapbook..they would either be there in the albums or kidnly reqested to be shared by near and dear one's! Does this happen with you???
Do you try to incorporate many pictures in your lo? does it pain you to not be able to use all the lovely pictures in your layout for all practical purposes?

This layout is when my little sunshine was 1+ year old. The pictures are taken in melbourne on my birthday. The little one is enjoying the modak that I had made. I had to pull her hands away from her mouth to get some nice pictures with her! cruel? ;)

Sending this to Lulupu's 2nd anniversary challenge:
 L - Layer, light colors
 P - Pattern paper, pink
 T - Teal color, tulip
 C - Camera, Cutouts


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