Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Accordian fold birds

Hi friends... Sharing some of the birds that I made for my daughters bird theme party. The body is made using Glitter foam. Used kite paper for wings... Accordian folding it to create beautiful feathers! 
Little miss was all to excited to help! 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Handmade birthday banner and bird theme decor

hi friends, sharing some of the decoration that I did for my daughters bird theme party. Made this cute little bird family with glitter foam sheet. Earlier i thought of making two birds which will hold the name banner in their beak. but i ended up making a pink and a blue bird, so my daughter thought they are daddy bird and mumma ofcource we needed a baby bird too!

This is from my daughters toy collection. As her love for birds is not a secret, so she has some bird toys who start sining on listening to any sound. and the other one repeats whatever is said..beware! I asked a mango seller near my home to give me some hay for the nest..he was quiet surprised for the unusual demand! hehe

These are the haning bird with glitter foam and accordian folded wings..will share these in more detail in next post

Tried making a photo banner with some pics of my daughter from sydney where she was merrily playing and feeding the birds.

the night photo shoot when the name banner was ready..for this i cut out 6 big cicles of white paper. Decorated them with small punch circles. The glitter alphas are ready made. Then tied a ribbon from behind.

the bird theme cake

Do let me know how u liked the deco for the bird theme party :)


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