Friday, April 17, 2015

Hello Kitty breakfast

Hi friends
Sharing a simple hello kitty bread to entice your fussy eaters :)
You see the little parrot puppet was giving some competition as to who will finish eating first!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Four years of blogging

Hi friends

Thank you so much for participating in my giveaway. On this day , 4 years ago, I started my little blog to save on creations online. Had never thought it would become so much a part of me. Had a wonderful journey so far with lovely company from you dear friends.

Lets go to the winner without much ado..

1. Neha Upreti
2. Reusing Cards & Quilling
3. MEGHA Jain
4. Shalu
5. Radhika
6. Suman Pandit
7. Shylaa Shree
8. Shilpa Nagaonkar
9. Jasleen
10. Suchi
11. Sindhu

Congrats Shalu for winning the giveaway. Do send me your address at so that I can send you the goodie bag :)

Leaving you with the pictures from my humble garden

home grown corriander

aloe vera and a flower plant..forot the name..

Little miss watering the plants

HAppy comparing her green water can with the one in her favorite book!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy layout :)

Hi Friends

Sharing a layout from my baby book after a long time. This is a bright and springy layout with our pictures from New Zealand. It was a very pleasant day with our happy little one. 
I user faber castel gelatos for the first time here to color the the smoothness of these beauties! Embellished the layout with flowers and vine to complaint the photos and play with the spring theme.

Do let me know how you liked it. Thanks for stopping by.

Sending this to:

Friday, April 3, 2015

A stitch in time saves nine!

Hi Peeps

Thanks for your lovely comments on our diy nest. Sharing a life skill craft with you today. I recently got this foam bunny bag kit for little miss. (I have to keep a stock of surprises hidden for her, for some sudden demands for gifts! ) I gave her the kit and little miss was on a roll! She herself stuck all the pieces with glue on the front and back of the bag while I was preparing dinner. Missy did not have any patience for mamma to come and wanted to do it all on her own. She has never done stitching and had no idea what needs to be done. So i told her to open the holes with her cute little plastic needle that came with the kit. So she opened all the holes. My dinner was almost ready. So I helped her put the wool in the needle and guided her on how to stitch the two sides of the bad. Almost 80% stitching is done by her, with occasional jumping between the holes, which I corrected.

Do let me know how you liked our foam bunny bag :)

Make your own nest this easter

Kiddo and me made our little bird nest last week. I had planted two batches of wheat one by one in my little garden. The grass from the first batch was all dry and perfect to make our nest. The later batch had some green grass that formed our soft cushion for the birdies to rest. Kiddo actually believd that the birdies will come in this nest.. innocence at its best!
Do let me know how you liked our nest.
Happy Easter!


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