Friday, April 3, 2015

Make your own nest this easter

Kiddo and me made our little bird nest last week. I had planted two batches of wheat one by one in my little garden. The grass from the first batch was all dry and perfect to make our nest. The later batch had some green grass that formed our soft cushion for the birdies to rest. Kiddo actually believd that the birdies will come in this nest.. innocence at its best!
Do let me know how you liked our nest.
Happy Easter!


  1. Loved it !! Just like real ones you have used dried grass very natural ;)

  2. Looking cute.. love it .. great idea using natural dry grass .. :)

  3. Aww...this is such a cute nest Lavina. I loved how you made it all from the scratch. Great learning experience for your daughter :)

  4. The nest is so real looking n very pretty....!!


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