Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy gangaur

Wishing Happy gangaur to all my marwadi friends..

I just love gangaur is so colorfuland vibrant. This is one of the very important festivals for marwadi/rajasthani women. The word Gangaur is derived from two words, 'Gan' and 'Gauri' these meaning are 'Siva' and 'Parvati'. Gangaur is celebrated in the honor of Goddess Gauri; the Gauri is represented as the symbol of virtue, devotion and a perfect married woman.
This festival continues for 16 days , in these days newel married girl’s daily do pooja with Isar and Gauri images, the married ladies pray for the welfare of their husbands, also the unmarried girls worship the goddess to get the husband of their choice.
Starting the festival, the ladies decorate their hands and feet with Mehndi, Beautifol earthern idols of gaur are decorated with small clothes with jari on them.

The story behind this goes like this..this festival is celebrated during the period, goddess Parvati had returned to her parental home to bless her friends with marital bliss. On the last day of her stay, she was given a grand farewell by her loved ones. The festival ends in rejoicing, with the arrival of Shiva to escort his bride, Gauri, home, accompanied by horses and elephants. The Festival involves colorful dances, musical performances and joyful celebrations.

Today is the 16th /last day of the fest..this year me and my daughter did the pooja..yes it was her 1st gangaur :)

Here is the gangaur geet sung by all the women..found it bit difficult to get this...played youtube 16 times for the pooja!! (yes this has to be sung 16 times)
Thought will upload it for my reference as well as if anyone like me needs it! :)

Gor gor gomti, isar puje parvati,
parvati ka aalaa gila, gor ka sona ka teeka de, tamka de,
Bala Rani vart karyo, khero khato laadu diyo, laadu le beera ne diyo,
beero mane chunner di, chunner mane gor udai, gor mane suhag diyo.... bhag diyo.....
tan man 16, isar gora, donyo joda, jod jawara,gefu 11,
rani poojae raaj ne, mein pooja suhaag ne, rani ko raaj tapto jaye, mhaka suhag badhto jaaye
idi khidi jaat de, jaat de gujrat de, gujrata ko paani, le le tapka tani, tani pe singhada, bhade pe pichoda,
hari hari doob le, doob ka dand le, sono ko kachoro le, suraj ji ko lero le, gangor pooj le
mharo bhai, em leyo, sem leyo,sarnari ki sem leo, charjar ki jalebi leo, ghi ka chata ghewar leyo, amli ko chor leyo, nayn bhaave to odh leyo, gangour pooj leyo.

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  1. Happy Gangaur to you too Lavina. never knew of this festival and love knowing about this from your post.


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