Friday, January 9, 2015

Kids craft - Toilet Paper roll watch and some tidbits

Hi Peeps

Sharing this simple tp roll craft. Just cut the roll and stick the circle with numbers on it. Makes cute little watches for little ones to play and learn !

Recently we see little miss talking so fluently in English and that too with very good vocabulary and aussie accent too!

Some of her chirpings..

S: Mumma are you alright down there?
(Ofcourse sweety when you ask so sweetly :))

We went to the park in front of our house. While coming back little S wanted her friend didi P to come home. They both played very well. When did P was leaving with her parents, we asked miss S to say " Thanks for coming to my house didi". Instead she formed her own sentence and said
"Thank you for reading me book P didi!"
Wow proud of you to have our own thinking at this age sweetheart.

Little S: thats not funny!!!

Little s: silly me!

We were trying to convince little S to sleep on her own bed.
Me: Little S you should sleep on your small bed dear, It has beautiful pink bedsheet.
Little S: Then i will be nice and cozy mumma?
Me: yes ofcourse :)

Little S wants to be baby now. Cant call her good girl, it should be good baby. And somtimes baby boy!
Little S: girls for blue boys for pink!
and since she is a baby boy, she likes pink (So much of reasoning goes in that little mind!)

We were going to see christmas lights with her Didi P. That day i made little S wear black and white skirt and top (I got bored with all pink around)
But alas didi P wore pink dress that too dungree pattern which is little S's hot favourite!
Little S: Didi P wearing pink dungree dress! Why is mine not pink :((
She got so upset while in the car. Started begging to go back home so she could wear somthing pink!!
Never seen her compare her dress like this before ..bring it on girly :) 


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