Wednesday, January 28, 2015

T for Tortoise

Hi friends
Sharing our cute little tortoise made with paper plate and green paper. We cut out the tortoise and below and stuck it. Later little miss painted the shell with finger paint! all done. Enjoy our conversation after our Mr Tortoise was ready to rock :)

We were making a paper plate tortoise. 
After finishing, missy and tortoise had a lovely converstion..wish i would have recorded it! Missy was spaking such fluently and with full accent! Proud of you babu..way to go! Here is a excerpt of the converstion, nothing exaggerated  here :)
Saachi: Hello tortoise, how are you today?
Tortoise: I am very well Saachi, how are you today?
Saachi: I am fine. Where do you live?
Tortoise:I live in a pond.
Saachi: Is it?
Tortoise: yeh, and where do you live Saachi?
Saachi: Here. (in my home, i said)
Saachi: Where are your parents?
Tortoise: They live with me here in the pond, and where are your parents?
Saachi:I dont have parents. (opps, I explained her mummy papa are called parents)
Tortoise: Where is your dad?
Saachi: He is in office.
Tortoise: and where is your mom.
Saachi : She is here.
Tortoise: And do you love your mom and dad?
Saachi: Yes I lov-e them.....
Tortoise: Which is your favourite song?
Saachi: A, B, C D..
Tortoise: Is it, I thouht you like "Guess how much I love you " :). It was nice talking to you saachi, now its time for me to go.
Saachi: Ok Tortoise, I loved talking to you. Take care. Talk to you later. Bye.


  1. cute tortoise, enjoyed the conversation too, the role playing is really helpful in learning Lavina !!

  2. Lovely tortoise Lavina.. Enjoyed the conversation also very much..

  3. What a fun project! The girl is growing up so quickly....I think she needs a sibling...or 2..*winks*

  4. Very creative....And loved the conversation

  5. Looks like fun project Lavina. Mean while I'm enjoying your tasty treats too:) They look yummy :).

    Have a blog candy, would love you to visit :)

  6. Cute turtle.. will show it to my grand daughter .. she loves making stuff like this.


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