Sunday, January 18, 2015

Letter of the week - F

Hi Friends

Planning to post a letter of the week activity that I do with my daughter. Little miss and me do a lot of crafting and reading together. You can see all our crafts in the Kids craft section in my blog here.
Little miss loves to paint, be it with brush, her hands or any other instrument. She is not that happy using pencil or color pencils or crayons for that matter.
So I thought why not structure our creations under letter of the week banner and make her write using different things like white board markers, chalk, fingers, tablet (oops) etc. I am happy if she doodles or draws anything, just trying to make her get interested in writing in general.  
 We started letter of the week with full enthusiasm in nov 2014, but then mine got faded, and now a days I am hardly doing much craft/activity with her. To bring back the passion, I want to make a commitment of posting our letter of the week activities every alternate week if not once a week. (You see this is one of the benefits of blogging: to make a public commitment for an activity, then the chances are that you will try to fulfil it. No pressure as such, but it feels good. And I get to do some more fun activities with my daughter too, which otherwise I would postpone due to laziness J. Two birds at one shot..haha )
This will be a motivation as well as driving factor for me to do this activity as well as spend quality time with little miss.
I already see her interested in spellings.  She loves reading books with me, and recently when I brought her favourite Peppa pig story book from library, she was trying to read the letter P-e-p-p-a P-i-g J

Join us in our journey dear friends, your comments and feedback means a lot to us..

F for feather

F for fish

F for flower

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  1. Glad S loves to paint! It's a great way to express herself!

  2. That's a great idea!! Your 'F' creations are cute:)


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