Monday, October 27, 2014

Kids activity - Handprint and other Eric Carle inspired printing

Had a lovely painting printing session with my little one few days back. We used fork, cookie cutter,Q-tips and handprinting for creating various texture. I wanted to make the print n color paper so that we can cut them in different shapes and make Eric Carle inspired creatures.

Love the Buddha look on her face :)

Some tidbits:

S: Mom..I did it
S: Good job bolo
Me: Good job beta
S: Thanks mama 
Me: your welcome my doll :)

Me gussa hu..aapne mirchi kyu daale the..upma me

Papa sneezed
Saachi : Bless you
Me and S: Smiling Surprised :)

Papa did some over engineering with the dishwasher
Saachi: Papa I want to help you
Papa: no, I dont want your help dear..please let me do it
Saachi: But you dont know how to fix, thats why I am helping you!!!

Missy inverting a bucket on her head
Mamma see I am a scare crow!
oh wow..i didnt know she kew his word let alone dipectin it so corectly! :)


  1. Haha its cute Lavina.. nice pic ..:D

  2. You had a very eventful day and it looks like a great time! I'm glad you didn't have a huge mess to clean up!

  3. Lavina Thank you for visiting me. Just noticed you dont watermark your photos...please do ...yesterday while browsing the net I found that many websites had published several of my crafts with no link back and one had even published a whole tutorial ...the same websites had some kids crafts too and I am sure it was not their child! Watermarking wont fully protect your work but at least it deters some people
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects


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