Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ice cream stick photo frame + yummy tidbits

papa - got a headache doll
saachi - thik ho jayega na
papa- kaise thik hoga
saachi - ho jayega na
papa - lekin kaise
saachi - aapne gelusil liye na abhi!!!

saachi tore the little origami dress that i made. asked her where it is, she said she spoiled it.
me - mamma is sad saachi, you tore the dress i made for you
saachi - kissi dena hai
oh wow!
me bend down and bestowed with kisses
her way to make mumma feel better ..surely works :))

isme baithke 'comfortable' lagta hai!!

saachi to papa: aap itne style me kyu dekh rahe the mujhe!

I try to incorporate English more while conversing with little missy..and she has taken a fancy for english and tries to make sentences with all the more words she knows. Dear papa was of the opinion that she should know her mother tongue first, she can learn all of english in he used to talk to her in hindi..The little mind interpreted this as mamma knows english and papa knows no english, so she started translating whatever she told me (english) to her father in hindi. It was hilarious! Some of the instances:
After eating chocolate
Saachi to mamma : mamma my hand is sticky
to papa: mere haath bohot chikat ho gaye hai

after eating and relishing her icecream
to mama: it's a big spoon
to papa: ye bohot bali chammach hai

we went out for lunch over the weekend, after finishing we were going to go to the indian store besides it. DH was doing the payment, me and saachi came out and started walking towards the shop..
saachi - mum, where is my dad??
I told this to her father, he could not believe she said that..she never calls him dad! that too in full accent!

"This is my favlet blanket"

"Mujhe aap pasand ho!" blush blush

She is full time into maska these days..she thinks/believes she can get all she want by just giving her kisses!! and i does work most of the time..its hard to not smile and relent when she does that!!!

She is full into complementing too these days..that too genuine
If i am giving her somthing to eat and she likes it she would definitely let me know " aacha bana" (it has come out good)

We love to play this fill in the blank game with litlle miss..
Saachi loves ---
Depending on her mood and who is asking her and who she wants to tease, she will either will mumma or pappa in that! She plays it very smartly, always avoiding what you want to hear!

One night, DH was trying to make saachi sleep..playing and doing masti with her.
When i finished all my chore and came to sleep, i saw her sleep was nowhere in sight because of all the masti going on..
I told both her and her father to sleep quietly :so jao chup chap".
Then in order to tease her father, whenever he tried to play with her that night..she would say in the same tune..sleep quietly.. "so jao chup chap"
i had a hearty laugh at my daughters wit! and unsuccessful attempts of DH to play with her!!

Now for the project..Saachi and me made this cute and simple photo frame with ice cream sticks. embellished it with now adorns our fridge with a cute pic of little missy.

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  1. so cute...Lavina.
    Last week Shreya made a keyholder with icecream sticks.
    I showed urs to her.She was very happy and told she will make one.

  2. Very cute photo frame ! And your daughter's pic too is very sweet :) I liked those tiny heart embellishments.

  3. Oh, she's so cute! And endearing! You must be enjoying this period!
    Love your cute project!

  4. Awww, so nice to make a craft with your daughter. I'm sure enjoyed it so much, and it is adorable. Thanks for sharing with us on the Friday Mashup.


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