Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy mothers day + TP roll giraffe

Wish you a very happy mothers day dear friends! Hope you have a lovely time with your family this weekend.
I had a amazing day today..with lovely kisses and wishes from my little one. We went to the park with two other families..the weather was good and we had a blast out there..the childern enjoyed the new play area. The adults played with ball, the chain game, dumb charades followed by amazing home made food. While I am typing this post, we are awaiting another get together for a dinner :)

How did you celebrate mothers day, do let me know.

Sharing with you a lovely lovely gift that my little one gave me today. Its the cutest giraffe i have ever seen..made by us (ofcourse!)

We used 4 tp rolls and one kitchen roll, cut them as shown below and stuck them together.
Then we coated our girafe with 2 layers of yellow poster color. Made the spots in brown. The hair are handcut from a maroon handmade paper.

I first saw this at crafty crafted site (
..and was waiting to try it, m happy (very :)) with the result.How do you like our giraffe?

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  1. That's a very cute Giraffe!!:)

  2. Awwww....this is so cute! You are so creative!

  3. So very beautiful.. lots of love for Saachi !

  4. Very cute Giraffe! Belated Mother's day wishes!

    Found you from your comment on my blog. Nice to meet you.

  5. Wow! So cute Lavina! What a precious gift from your little one :)

  6. Very nice idea ! I have these rolls lying around ! time to use them up ! :)

  7. So cute! What a great use for the rolls! :)


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