Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Zentangle - draw your heart out!

Its an amazing art, its like drawing your heart out with an open mind, drawing like you are a free soul and as if this is the only "TO DO" you have!
Draw as you would have drawn when you were 2 years old, draw believing its not creating any obligation, draw as if you dont have to prove anything to anybody, draw without contemplating whether it would be appreciated, draw believing this is the best use of time, draw as if its going to make you the most loved person in this world, draw till there's no space to draw....
All you need is a piece of paper, a smooth and dark ink pen/gel pen and thats it! The final result is a Beautiful Zentangle/ Zendoodle. DH saw this for the first time and was not ready to accept it is all hand drawn by me! He thought it is something printed.

Is this what you too did at the back of your notebooks in the boring lectures at school and college??? ;) Made the cartoon of some of the teachers?
I loved to scribble during these lectures, sometimes sharing some funny chit chats with friends or sometime even playing tic tac toe!! What did you do??


  1. Lavina, this is simply beautiful. It indeed looks like it's printed. Even I came to know about Zentangles recently and I think it's just the more westernised version of Mehendi :) Yes, I agree with you that it just allows you to draw your heart out. I'll try it soon too.

  2. Beautiful !!! Loved every inch of this doodling Lavina! it so reminds me of my college days and boring lectures ..with all this and more on the back of each notebook.I sit back and do this even today at times:)

  3. Wow.. This is like a sweet memory of scribbling at the back of notebook .. Me too used to love it. Yours is beautiful.. These days I do it while long conversation on phone. Oh.. correction - as no more long phone calls.. Thanks to my BEBO :P

  4. WOW! Simply Wow...so glad that you visited me earlier at my blog and introduced me to your blog...:)
    Great work with your blog and all the creativity..
    And thanks for following... I am following you back..:)


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