Thursday, February 20, 2014

Origami heart shaped bookmark and some innocent words

My little toddler is now so full of masti...non stop chatterbox she is!
Sharing some of her talks - always amazes me!

"monu isko maxtra de do! "(monu is my pet name, she is telling me to give her the cold medicine which she will spit out..sigh!)

"saachi is a vely good girl"

"iek like chocolate" (that is not a typo, she says iek for i)

"ye ghasarpatti tuti hai, gandi hai"

"lavina, its here" (we were searching for the play area in the garden)

18 feb 2014
"khush?" (happy?)
Called my little doll to give mumma  a hug. She came immediately gave me hugs and kisses, went back to her play area at home and asked me..Khush?? it was so cute.

19 feb 2014
Little missy said "excuse me" after sneezing on her own..good going on the mannerisms miss!

Trying to get my daughter potty trained (i know its too late..sob sob)
In the process I was explaining her that she should wear the undies and slowly we'll get rid of the nappies..
snap madam come
" is se kya pharak padega?" (what difference will it make?)
she wants to reason out things and understand in order to do them

"kya ploblem hai?"


  1. yeah it is fun listening them talk... and sometimes they surprise you with such big words.. yesterday my little one said no paabem (no problem)!!

  2. Oh yes...once they start, they just go on and on...but so entertaining! :)

  3. Lovely bookmark!!
    Kids will just create amazing moments with their jargon and unending queries. Everyday something new enjoyable moments are there, isn't it? :)My daughter used to mix Hindi,English and Marathi and then again mould in childish language. The first sentence she made was 'ikke bashi' which meant 'ikde bas' (sit here) in Marathi. Only parents can decipher it .:)

  4. I loved the bookmark.Lavina enjoyed reading saachi's bol too: D

  5. haha...yes Lavina, it's fun to listen o what our little ones have to say, they learn something new each day. Mine is just 2.4 yrs old now and hasn't yet started speaking long sentences clearly, but we get really amused when she uses expressions like 'Wow' and 'oh no' How old is your daughter now? That's a great bookmark there. Love the idea :)

  6. AWeee I miss Saachu n her chatat patar... So cute.. And its a perfect way to record and share her special activites with us.

  7. Oh i feel like being a mom soon :)


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