Friday, August 31, 2012

I met Yvonne Yam!! :)

Yes you read it right my dear friends...I did meet dear Yvonne in person! I am sure some of you are jealous of me..he he
We met during her Melbourne visit., it happened all so sudden, I can hardly believe that I met my scrap booking inspiration and spent such wonderful time with her. We did lot of crafty chit chat, with she giving so many ideas and tips and We did some craft shopping too!! yey!!She is such a sweet person.

Before the meet, I called at her number :
Me: can i speak to "yoni"?
Yvonne: This is "V-von" (Oh did I call a wrong number, oh ..oh ok it is pronounced as v-von)
Quickly correcting myself
Me: Hey Hi V-von, i am sorry i did'nt know how to pronounce your name..
Yvonne:No worries, have you already reached??
Me: No just abt to leave from home, will be there in 1/2 an hour..
Yvonne: Alright, great see you then..

This was our first talk, then the dilemma of identifying each other..I was just hoping she puts on her glares, as I have seen her picture with glares on only! But to our relief, we understood each other with eye contact (she must be expecting an indian lady with a baby :))

It was a lovely time spent with the such a lovely person, will always remember the day.

This week there have been a few wins for me, would love to share them with you all..

I won at Crafty Creations for this entry on mine

Made it to top 3 at Frosted Designs for..

Made it to top 3 at Lessology for this entry

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.


  1. OMG!!!so many wins.. U r rocking dear.Many Congratulations!!!

    Your scrapbook pages are really deserving. They are out of the world. :)

  2. you had trouble with my name...;) It's pronounced "Ee..von" my mum to choose a French

    It was sooooooo lovely to meet you too. Hope you are having fun with those craft supplies we bought together. :)


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