Monday, September 3, 2012

Book Review - Who's that girl?

Have you ever looked at you old pictures..the ones in high school, college..and that was me!! or OMG did I wear that kind of dress, or oh I had good choice then too, or how skinniy I was..
What would you do if you could meet yourself aged twenty-one again? What advice would you give and what events from your life would you want to change? Who's That Girl? explores exactly that, Charlotte Merryweather bumps into her younger self and sets out to make some changes, however she begins to wonder if her present, thirty-one year old self is as happy with life as she should be. 
Charlotte runs her own successful PR agency, she is house hunting with Miles, her sensible and dependable boyfriend and life seems good. Yet when she is face to face with her 21 year old past she has to question as to what happened to the care-free, fun loving woman she used to be?
Who's that Girl is funny, warm and I like the premise. It is entertaining story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but will still have the reader wondering what they would tell their younger self, if they had the chance.. The other characters such as Beatrice and Miles are very well rounded too and I couldn't put it down. Loved Oliver too!!

Alexandra Potter is a new author for me but she is a very welcome discovery. The book revolves around such a clever idea and it does leave you wondering what you would say to your twenty-one year old self if given the chance. I loved the parts of the book between the present Charlotte and the old one, you get to see how much she has changed and how her present day situation is so different from the one she thought she wanted.
The Thirty something Charlotte is adamant on stopping Lottie(her 21 year old self) from making the same mistakes all over again. Which includes plucking eyebrows and NOT sleeping with cheating love-rat band member Billy Romani, however sexy he might look.However, as Charlotte sets out on her quest to make her previous self see sense, she realises that maybe she doesn't have all of the answers, either. That sometimes, mistakes just have to be made...
This book is funny, sweet and not to mention addictive. 
Alexandra Potter brings a lot of humour to this book. I found it to be fast paced and entertaining, I shall be looking out for her other books in the future.
 A great book to curl up in bed with and take a trip through time.
Recommended - Yes!


  1. Thanks for the review. It sounds like a good read. It is now on my to read list.

  2. Your review makes me want to read the book so much!! Seriously ! Life would be so much different today minus those silly mistakes..

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