Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oranjee Independence day contest winner

Pleased to announce the Winner of our Independence day contest...

We received 19 entries. It was tough to pick a winner. We judged based on creativity and patriotic feelings best expressed!

And the winner is "Rashika Vazirani" from Mumbai.

Here is her winning entry
"For me, Independence is when I feel, a sense of precious freedom caressing every part of my body and soul and a feeling of self - exhilaration. It is being truly liberated from bondage – bondage from negative thoughts, hatred and envy. Independence day is the day, when we celebrate the heroes of our nation with pomp and splendour , bestow honor on them and pay endless tributes to them . But I ask “ Is that all? And, why only on a single day in an entire year?” It shames me to see, otherwise, when, in multiplexes, Viewers talk loudly, don’t stand in rapt attention and are in a hurry to sit down whilst the National Anthem is being played. The day after 15th August is even more disgusting; the small and big sized national flags carelessly strewn over on the roads or badly mutilated and people merrily trampling on them just like an ordinary piece of paper. My heart pains to see this sight and how I wish, our Indian Tiranga would stand tall in the heart of each and every Indian. I wish, that the seeds of patriotism be strongly resown in every Indian and more so the youth…VANDE MATRAM ...."

She gets this lovely handmade frame from Oranjee Creations made by dear Jyoti. Congrats Rashika!!


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