Friday, September 30, 2011

Nippattu - Baked Savories

Recently I tried this snack called Nippattu. It is a famous cracker from the state of karnataka.
It is quiet similar to the north indian savory - mathari. The taste was yummy..inclusion of onion makes it a healthy cousin of bhajiye

I came to know about this wonderful savory only when I browsing through the diary of Sayantani, my dear blog friend. I love her space with all the wonderful dishes she whips up, the lovely drool worthy photographs and most importantly her beautiful write ups!

The first timeI made it, I felt wow, what a lovely and healthy way of munching. They tasted quiet a lot like onion bhajiye/pakoras to me.
The best part of this recipe is it is made up of wholewheat + it is baked! so no guilt :)

Here is the original recipe.

Sending it to Flavors of South India hosted by Nayna

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  1. That looks interesting. 17th Oct is the day you should make it, including other work yo might have planned! :)

    Cant really appreciate the taste by looking at pics! :)

    Love to Saachi!


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