Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jam drop cookies

One of my first baking experiences!! They reminded me of the yummy cream biscuits we used to have as kids- oval shaped with strawberry cream and sugar frost..yummm
Saw these wonderful cookies in my co-sisters Sonal bhahi's blog..could not resist myself from trying these. Not getting enough time for making these, I was thinking of taking a day off from office! But finally did manage to bake them over a weekend..they came out well for the first is the original recipe.


  1. Ooo teri...awesome... 'Nankhatai' yaad aa gayi... remember! :)

    How was the taste of cookies?

  2. oh didi ... cookies are looking just yummy. perfectly baked. i too have a nice cookie recipe. will try it together.

  3. Oh Lavina this brings back fond memories-- I used to make similar ones quite freq[now dont as my daughter doesnt like jam!]

    PS: Do disable the word verification for comments

  4. Beautiful cookies ~ baked to perfection!

  5. thanks dear Karan,Jyoti, Soniaji and Aipi for your wonderful words of appreciation!

  6. Aw these look so good, ages since I've made some of these lol, took me right back, thanks for following me and entering my candy, hugs Liz xx

  7. mmmmm those look sooooo goooooood....


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