Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oil on canvas - Calling it done!

I had to call this painting done, else I can take years to complete, do and undo the painting (dont believe it? I completed my Radha Krishna painting in four years!! do check it out on my insistence :)) also with kiddo around I dont want to use oil colors for some time, may be toxic for her. So here we go...

My first try with oil paint on canvas. Also for the first time I used actual photographs as a inspiration.This is a scene captured when I was in US. Me and 3 friends had gone to NY over a weekend. My friend and me wanted to ride bicycle for a long time. This was a wonderful opportunity!! It being summer, nature was yet again at its best... greenery and beautiful flowers all around...The four of us hired a bicycle each and off we started for the bike adventure in central park (for those who dont know, Central park is a biiiiig park, all the karan johar shoots are done here! remember KANK and the fountain! :)) We thought we'll cover half of it and reach the fountain, as we had to return the bikes in 2 hr, however we missed the turn for half and ended up making a complete parikrama of the park!! We were damm tired, later we started riding in the slope and getting down from the bike during uphills!! Enjoying in between.This was one such small lake in the garden, were we got down (obviously for a photo shoot!!! ;)) There was this little kid with the elder, feeding the swan. It was a very beautiful picture in front of us, and could not stop ourselves from clicking them. Can never forget our bike adventure, it was worth every effort.


  1. Wow Lavina what a beauty-- you are so talented. I love painting too but its been years since I did anything[ with little helper around- I dont have the heart to tell her no when she asks if she can help too!]

  2. amazing painting di..and wat a memory in connection!! where is this painting now ? u have to teach me oil painting .

  3. beautiful painting and such intricate work. am speechless at the texture you created for the water.

  4. @Sonia - thank you so much...I know oil painting is difficult with kids, moreover the paints are toxic to some we'll have to wait to persue this hobby again (I made this one,while I was expecting ;))

  5. @Jyoti bhabhi..this painting is here with me..sure thing,we'll make one together..

  6. @Sayantani - thank you so much dear for your lovely words - if you like this one,do chk my radha krishna one..


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