Friday, June 17, 2011

Culinary - Laccha Paratha

This is a very simple and beautiful paratha. It takes a little time to prepare each one, but when you get the praises and everyone enjoys it, then it becomes worth the effort! My husband likes it a lot with masala sabjis, best with bharwan masale baigan(eggpant). you can make it with your regular chapati flour without any additional ingredients.

1 cup wheat flour/aatta ( regular chapati dough )
salt to taste
1 tbsp ghee
1 tsp ajwain (optional)

method :
Take a lemon size ball of dough (1.5 times the size of regular chapati ball). Roll it out into full size, apply ghee allover the surface on one side. Sprinkle little dry flour and ajwain (optional). If you do not add salt in the dough, you can sprinkle little salt also. Cut the entire surface into thin strips around 1 cm think.
Keep the strip one on top of another, starting from the end. bring it till the middle. repeat the same for other end. the smaller strips will be on top and the longest ones will be at the bottom. roll the strips to form a pinwheel, stick the ends by pressing it.
Now gently spread this rolled pinwheel with the rolling pin(belan)
roast this on a hot girdle(tawa) from both sides. then with the help of tongs, roast it nicely on the flame of the gas (like chapati) You can make it more crispy depending on preference, but make sure it is not uncooked, since it is quiet thick.
Apply ghee lavishly and serve hot with any masala curry.


  1. thank u so much for this recipe dear..sounds so gud..will surely try soon !

  2. Appreciation always helps to take to the next level. I am waiting to have it cooked by you!


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