Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bread katori chaat

I am simply amazed at the variety and the talent all the lovely bloggers have got! With blogging, suddenly the world seems so boundless and so small at the same time. Boundless because there dosent seem to be any end for talent, the more you explore, the more you get to know..small bcoz it has made sharing so simple. Gone are the days when we used to sit in front of tv, waiting for our favs and jotting down the recipes. Now the wonderful recipes are just clicks away, thanks to the fabulous bloggers for sharing their styles, innovations and experiences.
You all have become my online gurus :) Have also learnt that cooking is not just cooking, it is a work of art. It uses all our senses, sight, smell, touch, taste and sound..
All of this started with one such amazing blogger, my co-sister Sonal bhabhi. Started following her blog and trying the recipes, and now I am hooked forever!
I am not a very good cook, but with this vast store of knowledge, I too have embarked upon my culinary journey.
Tried this wonderful recipe by Pari. I must say for the first timer, it came out really well. I followed the same method, hence linking to the original recipe here. Thanks for the wonderful recipe. This is an excellent snack/starter for any party (kids will just love it!)


  1. thnk u so much lavina :)hugs !! ...this katoris r looking scrumptiously delicious !

  2. all thanks to you bhabhi, for introducing me to this wonderful world of food blogging,ya the katories came out quite good.
    wats up at ur end..wats cooking up?

  3. What a fun idea ~ will make for a great party appetizer!
    US Masala is hosting a giveaway. Do check it out here

    US Masala

  4. Woww.. thats a cool looking idea :D I have to try this next time I invite some friends :D Looks yumm..

  5. Oh wow...these look so interesting..i shd try them:).....

  6. very interesting recipe! looks yumm!

  7. Dear Lavina, thanks for trying my recioe linking to the event. Pls link the post to the original recipe and the event announcement and use the logo pls. All the rules are clearly mentioned in the event announcement. After doing the changes pls let me know.


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