Monday, August 18, 2014

Tiny weeny updates

Terrible three? Well sometimes yes..but amusing to the core :). Love every momet with my little chatterbox bunny. Not sure if being born near easter is the reason but she loves bunnys! and carrots! and all things pink :)

Saachi - Pappa I want these coins ($3)
Papa - What will you do with these sweety?
Saachi - Me isle aapko shoes dilaungi..aapke shoes phat gaye na.. (I will buy new shoes for you with these!) Oh thats so sweet of you to think about it love..
Papa - But isme shoes nahi aayenge na
Saachi - (Thinking) Ok me usko hello kitty me daal ke ride karungi :))) (I will ride in the hello kitty car by using these in the coin machine)
What what reasoning and thinking at this age!

me kya kar sakti hu !

Saachi - Mumma you have a black color smiley
Me - Black color smiley?
She means our eyebrows! what a correlation!

Little S loves to sit on top of the sofa, keep some cusions and does lovely tale malish champi of her mom and dad! we love it too..except when it turns into hair pulling..aaouch

i love to be with you, you is happy with me?

Saachi - Pappa mujhe honey bolte...Me papa ki honey hu..
Me - Aur mumma ki?
Saachi - Mumma ki naughty boy :)

me is so happy to see you again !

Me doing little emotional blackmail when saachi not listeing to get my phone.
Me - Saachi please bring my phone na
Saachi - mum my both hands are full..i am cutting paper
Me - this is not fair, mumma does so many things for you and you cant do one small things :(
It worked! Didnt expect little miss will leave her work and get my phone!
Me  - Thank you :)
Saachi -  your welcome! (didnt expect this either)

Saachi returning mumma her earring which she was dangling on her ears.
Aruna aunty - Saachi come here..put on your pants.
Saachi - I was busy no!

Some old notes..

31st Dec 2012 - The little one started saying her Dad's name after listening her grand mom call him to eat fruits. It was so cute how the little one is calling him with his name! We went to see the fireworks at the park, and little S liked them a lot! Watching with full concentration. The other two children with us were a bit frightened, but not lilt S! :)

Her Vocab:
much much - that is for Specs (In hindi we call specs Chashma, she didnt get the entire word, and deviced her own short name as "much")
Office, chudi, phoon, pani, sit down, baby, wah wah wah, book, are some more words which she speaks without being told and appropriately!

Small actions goes to prove a lot:
  • I logged into skype after a long time and soon looking at the acreen she started saying Mama! She knows I speak to mama on skype! Are all the 20 month olds are that clever these days???
  • Little S wanted to go out for a walk but no one was taking her out, so she said "Me jai" (me going) and went towards the door and hid behind the shoe rack, her grandfather and me had a hearty laugh at her gesture.


  1. Adorable! She makes everything in life a little more interesting doesn't she?

    Thanks for your well wishes! :)


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