Saturday, August 30, 2014

I love my dad! Mixed media canvas made my little one

Hi friends

Sharing with you today a canvas that me and my little one made for her dad on his birthday. Loved the process and the outcome!
My little one does not call her father Dad, its pappa in our house, but the style queen that she is! and with all the accent she is catching from the cartoons, she would sometime call him dad..and we are amused to hear that from the little one :) 
As soon as DH comes home, the little missy wants his phone or tab to play with. He would say no, but she would bring out her hand and say "Promise" (that she will give it back soon)...awww can anyone say no to that!! 

Here are the steps that we too to make this:
1. First we applied masking tape on the canvas. Took three colors, yellow, blue and pink and let my little one have fun! Then after she used up all the color..I showed her the magic by removing the masking tape.
She was excited to see the outcome..but was not happy..she thought mumma we'll have to put more has so much white space..ok madam! your wish is my command :)
2. After it got completely dry, I put some color directly on the canvas and showed her the amazing texture we can create using our simple hair comb! I had tried tis for the first time and we both loved the texture!
3. I wanted to use my little one's hand print on the canvas to give it a personal touch. We did a hand printing session and little S printed her hand on the canvas in red. But it was not very visible, so I decided we'll use her other hand print which we had done on a plain white paper.. So did a fuzzy cut of the hand print. 
4. Next we applied some modelling paste using the flower stencil..doesnt it look pretty!
5. We stuck the hand cut out and embellished with cute little 3D stickers. 
6. Sprinkeld with white distress stickles and applied mod podge with gloss finish to seal everything well and preserve the beauty of this canvas. 

It is very special to me. Do let me know how you liked it.

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  1. gallery is just very nice .graphics are very nice . your website it just super. best of luck .your canvas colors is just wonderful. do come visit me some time. that goes to everybody who see this. WE.HOBBIESANDCRAFTS.NET. and please sign my guestbook at the bottom of my webpage to let me know you came to see me. send all of your very loveley good friends (thank you )

  2. Wow!! Simply superb the Gorgeous colors n texture Lavina..

  3. Its really a very special canvas Lavina ! I loved the bright colors ,stenciling and the hand print most !

    1. Thank you so much dear pooja..yep the hand print..stencil and colors are my favorite too!

  4. Very cute. I love the fun and colorful background. Thanks for playing at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge.

  5. Oh how fun that you had your child help you make this great present for "papa"! Great idea! Love the colors and the concept. Thanks for playing along in the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!

  6. i love this project, especially the 'promise!' at the end!! Thank you so much for playing with the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!

  7. Awww....miss your little one! This is such a fabulous joint project! LOVE the happy and bright colours!
    P/s: I call my dad papa too!

    1. Thank you dear Yvonne. .I was waiting for you to have a look at this joint project of ours. .glad you did :)

  8. What a great meaningful piece that I am sure will be cherished for a long time. Loved reading your post and the great colours used. Thank you for sharing this with us over at Inspiration Emporium. A great keepsake

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment dear heather

  9. WOW this one is a real masterpiece Lavina...such amazing bright and beautiful colors and I love the texture paint magic.Did you take pictures of both of you crafting....I can just imagine the mother daughter duo !!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful words you left on my Fairyland Diorama tutorial
    Posts sometimes dont show up on my dashboard so you can always tell me to visit you Lavina as I so enjoy dropping in on you. I even glimpse at the recipes!! Ha Ha

  10. thank you so much dear Sonia for stopping by and for your lovely lovely made my day :)
    I do have pictures of me and itle S crafting, but not for this one..


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