Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pencil Sketch - guess who?

This was my first attempt to sketch an actress long ago, not very successful one. Surprisingly some people were still able to guess the actress ;) can you ?? ;)


  1. I am waiting since yesterday for somebody else to guess :(

    Well I think is it Manisha koirala ??

  2. thanks for guessing bhabhi and thanks for commenting :) this sketch has come out soo bad that nobody wanted to comment for it ;)
    btw your guess is correct! full marks :)

  3. My godddddddd!!!! I just just did not expect that my ans is correct. I thought long abt it...even thought if my guess will b really bad u might feel bad :(

    Ha ha but now whn it is right , it is not less than winning another crafty challenge for me.

    P.S.: The sketch is not that bad. U are a versatile artist. Hugs!


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