Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anniversary gift made by my student

This lovely frame is a maiden attempt by a dear friend Shipa bhabhi. We worked on it secretly, since it was a surprise gift for bhaiya on thier anniversary. Glad it came out well, bhaiya was sure  very happy and amazed :)

Happy Anniversary again


  1. That's so pretty!! I really wanted to see it but was not sure if u clicked a pic of it.
    Can't believe she did so neat work in first attempt. She has a crafter hidden within :)
    Combination is lovely.

  2. Jyoti.. Thanks for the compliment... All credit goes to the teacher.. Hats off to my dear teacher "Lavina Bhabhi".

  3. i tuoi lavori in quilling sono molto belli ,complimenti passa da me www.metalfimo2.blogspot.com

  4. Love the photo frame. What a sweet gift it would have been.



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