Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The fastest painting that I ever made!

Hi Friends

Wish you a very happy Diwali again! Do you remember a painting of mine which took 4 years to complete!! I am sure you dont :) You can check it out here
And can you believe I completed this painting just in 3 sittings! Right from the inception of the idea to final completion in just 3 days :)
Actually we had a little slot on top of the safety door, I wanted to fill it with something beautiful and that too before Diwali! I used my daughters old canvas for this. Painted with acrylic paints. Drew the Ganeshji image with hands. Later outlined the border and outlines with 3D outliners. Adorned Ganeshji's necklace with colorful stones.

Very happy with the result. Do let me know how you liked our little creation ( Yes little miss had definitely contributed in the painting in her own way, sometimes painting the bells, background and sometimes bugging me ...haha :))

This is where I started!

In progress


  1. It looks soooo beautiful Lavina and wish you a happy Diwali
    Dr Sonia

  2. Happy Diwali!! The painting looks very beautiful :)

  3. Lovely painting :) Hope you had a enjoyable Diwali !!!

  4. It's so admirable. I especially the border.
    I would be glad if you visit my page and give your comments.


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