Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kids Rakhi Activity and Marwadi Son Pooja

Sharing a rakhi activity that little miss did in her school. She decorated a rakhi printout with crepe ribbons and sequence. Isnt it cute!

Also want to share a marwadi tradition for rakhi which we follow and have seen this since my childhood. We make two identical designs on a small piece of paper and stick it on both sides of the door, mainly on the sides of main door, kitchen door. So these little peices are called Son and they are stuck  a day befor on the doors. Traditionally this is done with limestone water - making a small white surface with limestomne water on both sides of the entrance, letting it dry and then painitng it with geru. But now with recent trends there is lot of fasion in this area too! :)  is my simple take on it. My SIL had sent these small son made of plastic, I stuck them on paper and decorated with 3D Outliner. Do let me know how you liked our little creations!


  1. Very interesting tradition :) Loved little one's cute Rakhi too :)

  2. How cool to keep fun traditions alive. My kiddo and I made friendship bands using felt but I forgot to take photos!! Your humming bird card is sitting prettily on my craft room table and helping to cheer me up while I took a blogging break!!
    Dr Sonia

  3. Beautiful..we have the same tradition but bit twisted..we do it in the same day if Rakhi..


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