Monday, August 22, 2016

Our little bundle of joy

Hi friends. ..sharing a fun layout from my baby book today. Me and kiddo aways have a small argument as to who the baby book belongs to! Is it hers coz she is the heroin of this book or does it belong to me coz I created it for my baby!   Well I know it is for her to cherish the memories when she grows up...but I do not want to give full control to her now...otherwise she would not  even ket me see it let alone the guests who come to our place!:)

These pictures are from our trip to Lonavla for DHs birthday last year. Had a fun time with little one having lotta fun in water.

Do let me know how you liked my layout. 


  1. Ooh those sunflowers and daisies look super!!

    Dr Sonia

  2. Thats soo cute ! love the way you have decorated

  3. Beautiful and colorful layout! Flowers are very pretty & nice pics :)

  4. love the lo... cute flowers n froggie

  5. It's beautiful!! You are creating lovely memories.


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