Monday, December 7, 2015

School activities and some tidbits

Little miss is so innovative these days.

We have a singing sessions. I sing a English song (mostly from my school memories). Little miss immediately picks few words from that song and makes a song of her own impromptu song..its spontaneous, i am just amazed by her creativity. We have so much fun singing and hugging J

The other day, she was telling the whole of Rupanzel story to her grandpa. Loved her version with all the minute details.

We had a lovely week at my moms to spend precious time with my sweethearts.

After returning from my moms place, father in law asked little miss..”Your mom would be missing your nani(maternal grandma) no?”
The prompt reply comes: “ why, ma hai na!” (Ma she is referring to her paternal grandma that is my mother in law ) J
We all were very happy and proud of her answer. She has started understanding relationships!

When little miss is upset with her grandma or grandpa, here comes her blackmail
“aap aisa karte na, me chali jaungi australia aapko chodke!” aww sweetu..cant stop laughing when she says that!

She is learning dance on “landon thumakda”
This is for the annual day in our society.
Missy loves to perform it for her grandparents after coming home.
Yesterday she made it a point to make her grandpa do the steps she was doing. MIL and I could not suppress out amusement. Fil would have barely danced in his entire life and now has to comply to little missys demands!

We went to watch a play the other day – ye dil abhi bhara nahi
Lovely pay casting reema laagu, vikram gokhale and jayant savarkar.
As soon as we got comes little missy’s question – Why are there all dadaji and dadi’s here?
Oops! We looked around and saw, yes there was more of mature crowd around. But then thankfully a family with mummy, papa, dada dadi and kiddo came in front and we showed here there are mummy papas and kids as well..and not just dada dadi’s here J what a observations!

Mummy’s little magic trick – Some itching in little ones eyes..yes too much of phone and ipad L. Mumma does her magic trick with a soft cloth and some warm breath..put on little ones eyes..feeels better J itching gone !

Little S loves to recite jana gana mana (Indian national anthem) anytime anywhere J

She loves to do her worksheets with me.

She knows her name spelling and is able to read it anywhere.

The other day i was watching some image on my phone and she said, thats my name! Bingo!

I have a name plate of hers with Saachi’s written on it. But now since she knows her spelling, she wanted to know why this name plate has two “S” where as her spelling has only one!
Good question!
I said the train nameplate belogs to saachi, that is why it says saachi’s
Difficult to convince her though.

FIL: saachi pray to god to give you a good mind
S: bhagwanji meri buddhi sudhar do..
FIL: saachi tell god to reduce your anger
S: no , not anger
ME: why saachi, anger is not a good thing, tell god to reduce it.
S: then he should reduce mummy’s anger too!
Me: oops
FIL: ye baat sahi boli hai
Me have so many reasons silently built up in their minds for the actions they do.
We do not realize but our behaviour greatly influences theirs.

FIL and MIL were having some discussion on a dustbin that MIL bought.
FIL was scolding mil , that it is not a good quality one, why she wastes money on cheap stuff.
Hubby returned from office at night
Little S reporting to him: Ma ne faltu ka dustbin layi hai . (grandma bought a useless dustbin)
Could not stop getting amused at her tone and her catching up the conversation and reporting it.

Mamma i have a secret, i will tell that to you in the morning..shhhh

We love playing hide and seek these days
Earlier when little miss used to hide and i used to call out her name..saying where are you..she would jump out from her hiding place and i am!!
But now she is getting a hang of the game
She has decided a very nice hiding place in our home, which if someone is new, will be really bit difficult to find out!
She literally scared us out, when she chose a even better hiding place, not making any sound and staying still..stay safe sweet heart

Little S’s love for pigeons is not a secret. She loved to feed them in Sydney and the love is growing by the day here too in india.

We have a cleaner for our car in the society. He returned the car keys at night. MIL was hanging the key on the key stand, but my little one asked for it. She said this is not our key. I asked her to show me, and it really was not our key! It was a merc key! We would have not payed any attention had my daughter not pointed out that it is not our key. Children have such amazing observation, never thought she payed so much attention to the key.


  1. what a beautiful chronicle you have written about your little one!!

  2. Nicely written...she is right in asking God to reduce Mama's anger. hahaha....

  3. Omg !! I cudnt stop laughing !! One brilliant kiddo she is.. and her granpa dancing must b so much fun . They surely are having great time with this lil phataka .

  4. It bought a smile on my face. I am sure when you see this post few years down the line it would make you happy. I am too writing but offline, so that I tell my kids what they were when they were kids. You see our grown up memory is so volatile.


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