Thursday, October 29, 2015

Madhubani painting

 Madhubani is a district of North Bihar, a place where art and crafts have reached its stage of excellence. This part of the country is renowned for wall paintings,floor paintings, canvas painting and decorative crafts like wooden toys, Pottery toys and papier-mache products. Madhubani painting is an emblematic expression of day-to-day experiences and beliefs. As such, symbolism, simplicity and beauty hold them together in a single school of traditional art. The symbols that these Maithili painters use have their specific meanings as,for instance, fish symbolize fertility, procreation and good luck, peacocks are associated with romantic love and religion, and serpents are the divine protectors. Characterized by vibrant use of colour, underlying symbolism and traditional geometric patterns supporting the main theme, the Indian folk art form of Madhubani succeeded in creating a place for itself in the international house of fame and is
now recognized worldwide. Thematically, Madhubani paintings are mostly based on religion and mythology. (source google)

I have always been enchanted by this art and wanted to give it a try. I found lovely inspiration in google and pinterest and tips and tutorials shared by crazy lassi really helped.

Some of the pictures while making this:

Do let me know how you liked my humble attempt. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Simply stunning!!!! The design, colors are so vibrant and enchanting.

  2. WOW you have shared so much detail on the art form and your painting looks fascinating
    Dr Sonia

  3. Simply beautiful lavina !! Have a nice weekend :)

  4. Wow. LOVE the attention to detail. Great job!

  5. I love Madhubani, and you have done it well.

  6. I just wanted to add a comment to mention thanks for your post. This post is really interesting and quite helpful for us. Keep sharing.
    diya for diwali


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