Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Warli envelops made by dear sister + Tutorial (Ceramic cone work)

Hey, got to share some beautiful hand painted envelops, my dear sister Jyoti made, before her marriage..now my priced possession ;)

So here comes tutorial, I would like to tell you all how these beautiful envelops are decorated using ceramic(again this is how my sister taught me :))..

Material required:
Ceramic powder
DDL (similar to fevicol)
Plastic bags (the milk bags wud be ideal, you can use some other thick plastic also)
Cello tape/rubber band

I mixed Ceramic powder and DDL (its a form of fevicol) to get a mehendi or hina like consistency(little thcker than hina, coz it might spread). Then made a plastic cone and put it in that. All ready to rock...you can make any number of designs with this cone. If you want colors, you can mix fabric or poster colors in the ceramic and DDL mix..


  1. Lovely cards!! :) looks like you have a creative family.

  2. Lavina...have been missing Jyoti...how is she ...when will she get back to blogging...convey my regards to her...she used to make such stunning quilled creations!

    1. Ya sonia..me too miss her in blog land. .tried to make her get back to crafting. .but she is having fun with her new baby as of now. .hope someday. .


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