Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kids activity - Cup cake liner flowers

Hi dear crafty friends 
Sharing today a very simple craft that me and my little one enjoyed recently. I had some pretty cup cake liners lying in my pantry, so thought of beautifying the house with these. 
My little S is now very pro at paper cutting. She loves to cut paper and I make her put it in one bowl, so that it is not all over the place.
With this craft, I tried to enhance her paper folding skills. We both folded the cup cake liners multiple times. Then I showed her how to cut it (which she did on her own for most of the flowers), and slowly she unfolded it to get a beautiul flower!!
Made some leaves with green paper and outlined it with sketch pen. Layered the flowers and sticked little magnets magnets behind them. They now adorn my fridge. :)
You can check the very simple tutorial of this here.


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