Monday, April 30, 2012

Vacation time ~!

Hi Peeps, back after an amazing fun vacation at New Zealand. The country is soo beautiful, feels like heaven on earth ( I still adore the beauty in India, but this too was superb!). The two best parts of the trip were..celebrating our daughters first bday there and and...we did sky diving!!! hurrray :)) Both me and my DH wanted to do, but were not too sure, but we did go for it, and we just loved it :) Awesome experience..

Wanna have some glimpse of our you go..

Happy Birthday !!

Getting ready for the dive

ultimate!!(why am i jumping from a perfectly alright plane!)

Milford sound

waterfall in the cave

Thanks for stoping by..have a good day!


  1. Welcome home. Great photos, NZ looks beautiful.

  2. Awesome, want to see all the pics and video!

  3. Wow ! Glow worms pic is amazing... must have njoyed lotaa !


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