Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sketch - Indian lady

A quick sketch of an Indian lady.

My interpretation : The content expression on her face conceals all her hardships, sacrifices, pains. She always puts her best foot forward and deals with any situation with a smiling face.
What do you think?? Do we see these expressions/qualities around much?


  1. wow.. this one is this ur recent sketch??

  2. was thinking the we hae these qualities in us anymore....beautifully captured expression.

  3. Thanku dear for ur sweet comment on my Pottery work. I m in Delhi dear n suggest u Delhi's pottery studio if u r coming to Delhi.


  4. The wrapped saree looks so good!
    Thank You for the tip on the swirls. will try keeping them in the cooler next time!

  5. I appreciate for your wonderful sketch. Looks natural and very expressive.

  6. wow, what a great sketch, I absolutely love it :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that comment. I do not think, it would be a problem if you use roasted sooji as you have dahi to bind it with, so shouldn't be a problem. But, as I haven't tried, I can't be so sure. If you happen to try, please do let me know :)


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