Thursday, April 14, 2011

My first Quilling

I saw this form of craft just after marriage. But had no idea what it is called and how it is done.
Later had to go to US for one of my projects, saw this in one of my friend, Madhuri's album and came to know it is called Quilling. There was no stopping then!
Google devta ki jai!! Found all I needed to know about it, ordered a kit and browsed lot of patterns.

Seeing my enthusiasm, my friend Ricky volunteered to help. This became our tea time activity. We would sit to add some flowers some leaves after office sipping our tea. It was a time well spent and well enjoyed :). Later after coming back to India, my brother also helped in giving this some final touches (definetly wanted to get included in the credit lists!) Thanks for your help Ricky and Karan. Not to forget my hubby Subodh for getting it framed. Will post the framed version in some time.

1 comment:

  1. ohhh No wonder.. Your brother is such a credit taker :P
    I hope he never reaches here to view this comment. :P :D

    I would like tell your friends and fans that the frame look much more elegant than the pic is depicting.

    Bravo to take such a big project for the first attempt of quilling.


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