Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pottery - our first attempt

Living your dreams with your children..believe in that? I am experiencing the blissful stage. Teaching, explaining, letting her create, creating to give her an example..love it all!
This was a long pending desire of mine..yes wanted to try my hands on pottery! I had thought will do this some day..then I saw a play pottery set, with all the contents to make our own earthen pots..My little one and me started about doing it (with amused hubby watching us). The wheel was quiet fast..and its no easy job for sure (the box said 5+ years..oops!) But we did not give up. My hands were full of clay as I tried to mold it, like I had seen people do it in TV. The little one was controlling the ON/Off button :). Finally our first pot was ready after a few unsuccessful attempts.
I wanted to color it after drying, but the cranky little one dropped it on floor when I was showing her the dried pot..alas! Never mind, there is always a next time for sure :) 
Thanks for stopping by. Do lemme know how you liked it. 

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  1. Lavina....I have always been fascinated with pottery myself and recently wanted to buy the funskool pottery kit too but wasnt really sure if it would work.I loved reading you story!!


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